Friday, 22 February 2013

Slideshow of The Pluck

What Wildlife should I expect Down The Pluck?

Pluck Lake is a refuge for the Blue-Tailed Damselfly and The Emperor Dragonfly,  also a cocodile called the Pluck-Ness-Monster/Morfadile, some shopping trolleys and broken beds, plenty of fly tipping!

Social Networks... WHICH ONE!? What are the differences and how do I use them for my site?

One network to rule them all?  not likely to happen I'm Afraid.

So you have started a site or blog and you want more traffic, more comments and who can blame you?
What social networks should you join? well my answer personally is

Directions to "The Pluck"

Pluck Lake is a lake to the East of Swansea City Centre in the Morfa area north of Kilvey Hill

It forms part of Kilvey Community Woodland. 

Nick Cave WOULD record with Mark Lanegan! (He Told ME)

I was on Twitter when Nick Cave was answering questions #asknickcave.   Here is what happened:

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